Stefanie S.

Werl, Germany
Hometown:Werl, Germany

I’ve lost over 12 kilos in 4 months and my old clothes from 10 years ago fit again! 

4 months ago, feeling quite desperate, I talked to Jacquie for the first time (too much weight, stomach pain, clothes didn’t fit anymore, etc.…). Promptly, I received great recipes and many helpful tips which helped to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle so much easier. Never did I miss my coca cola light or sweets…. ?

The weight came off easily and I feel so much better in my own skin. I lost over 12 kilos: Pants and shirts from 10 years ago fit again and my skin cleared up and is now glowing and clean. Jacquie also motivated me to do yoga regularly, something that I let slide during the last year. To make a long story short, I feel amazing in my own skin. Her recipes are now a staple in our home. Thank you so much!!!

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