Kiki M.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Hometown:Copenhagen, Denmark

Jacquie has worked wonders for me 

Jaquie has worked wonders for me, she helped me to take a deep look at my life in every way – health, relationship, career and spirituality. She triggered my deepest fears which enabled me to say ‘enough is enough’!

Jacquie is hard working, full of resources and always there for any of my questions or concerns. I really liked her subtle and smart ways to make me look at things from different angles and understand that life is not black and white. I felt at ease to open up and share my deepest thoughts with her. This allowed me to make peace with myself and take back confidence in me and in a better future.

Jacquie took me on journey that was full of positivity, fun and love which is just a reflection of her amazing personality. I am grateful for my progress that I couldn’t have achieved without my favorite cheerleader.

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