Hello Gorgeous!

My name is Jacqueline Masias, but you can call me Jacquie

I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a foodie, a passionate yogi and (hopefully) your next bestie. When I’m not helping lovely people to achieve their goals and create a happy, healthy life for themselves, you can find me in the kitchen developing and cooking new recipes, on my yoga mat or cycling the streets of Copenhagen on my bike.

I adore pink lipsticks, conversations filled with laughter and love, a glass of red wine, strolling markets for hours in the pursue of new, fresh ingredients and rays of sunshine on my face.

Early Stages

My personal journey is similar to the one of thousands of other women. I used to struggle with balancing and maintaining my weight, especially during University, following fad diets to achieve my “ideal” weight, and in the end putting the weight on again. Thank god, those times are over.

After graduating from my Bacherlor’s in International Business, I moved with my husband to his home country Peru, and discovered a whole new world of real food: markets full of delicious fruits, ancient grains, herbs and an exciting culinary diversity. I was in a foodie’s heaven. And so, it all began.

New Beginnings

Corporate life just didn’t align with who I was. Because you know what? It is not only about the food we eat that nourishes us, but about the actions we take and things we do every day that bring us balance and happiness.

As I sat one day with my very dear friend Carmen, talking about life over a glass of wine, it finally struck me. We both love cooking, healthy food that nourishes and helping other people to eat healthier. Long story short, I quit my full-time job and we started a catering business, delivering healthy gourmet party food to homes in the culinary capital of the world.

Finding my Passion

Fast forward a couple of years later, life took my husband, Alonso, and me to beautiful Copenhagen. Amazing as it was, it also meant I had to say goodbye to the catering business. One thing was for sure, I knew I wanted to keep bringing a healthy lifestyle into people´s homes. This time, I wanted to be able to inspire people not only locally, but all around the world. Moreover, I didn´t want the customer experience to end once the food is bought and consumed, I wanted it to be lasting. So, I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, where I was trained in over hundred dietary theories and hands-on lifestyle coaching techniques.

My Mission

My mission is to empower you on your unique journey to shred those excess kilos, regain your glow and power, ditch the diet mentality, stress and yo-yo dieting once and for all and level up to a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Think of me as your coach, your cheerleader and friend. Together we are stronger, creating long lasting changes through a holistic approach. I want you to succeed and be the best version of yourself.

Are you as excited as I am?

So, let’s begin! Make an appointment for an initial, free consultation or leave me a message!